Programming Parallel Computers 2019


Exercise sessions

There are two exercise sessions each week, in the Maari building; please see the course schedule for more details.

You can take part in 0, 1, or 2 exercise sessions per week — there is no need to register, just come to the exercise hall.

Lab queue

Whenever it is crowded, we will use the lab queue system — just follow the link, log in, and use it whenever you need help.

Working on your own

Please keep in mind that the Maari building is open 24/7 to Aalto students. You are free to use Maari-A and Maari-B classrooms whenever there is no teaching there. So if you do not need help in person, you can also go there at any time to solve exercises on your own, and you can even use the computers remotely.

Whenever we have an exercise session in Maari-A, usually Maari-B is free at the same time, so if you do not need help and are just looking for a more quiet place to work, going to Maari-B is probably a good idea.