Programming Parallel Computers 2020


All tasks

Here is the list of all exercises that you can solve in this course, and the maximum number of points you can get from each of them:

CP: correlated pairs
CP1week 15CPUcoderecommended
CP2aweek 23CPUcoderecommended
CP2bweek 23CPUcoderecommended
CP2cweek 33CPUcoderecommended
CP3aweek 35 + 1CPUcoderecommended★★
CP3bweek 35 + 1CPUcoderecommended★★
CP4week 45GPUcoderecommended
CP5week 510 + 1GPUcoderecommended★★
CP9aweek 65reportchallenging
CP9bweek 65reportchallenging
CP9cweek 65reportchallenging
IS: image segmentation
IS4week 45 + 1CPUcoderecommended★★
IS6aweek 65 + 1CPUcoderecommended★★★
IS6bweek 65 + 1GPUcoderecommended★★
IS9aweek 65CPUcodechallenging★★★
MF: median filter
MF1week 15CPUcoderecommended
MF2week 23CPUcoderecommended
MF9aweek 65CPUcodechallenging★★★
NN: neural networks
NN9aweek 65CPUcodechallenging★★
NN9bweek 65GPUcodechallenging★★
SO: sorting
SO4week 45 + 1CPUcoderecommended★+
SO5week 55 + 1CPUcoderecommended★+
SO6week 65 + 1GPUcoderecommended★★★

Difficulty rating

The star-rating is an approximate indication of how much effort is needed for getting full points in each exercise:

easy to solve without too much effort, typically less than 100 lines of code
★★requires a careful application of the ideas presented in the course material and plenty of experimentation, typically more than 100 lines of code
★★★a small research project

Please note that in many of the exercises it is often much easier to get some points than full points.