Programming Parallel Computers 2020



Your best solutions to the following tasks will automatically take part in the contest. For each task, you will get 1 extra point if your code is at most 20% slower than the fastest solution that anyone in this course has submitted:

CP3afast solution with doubles5 + 1CPU★★
CP3bfast solution with floats5 + 1CPU★★
CP5fast GPU solution10 + 1GPU★★
IS4fast CPU solution5 + 1CPU★★
IS6afast CPU solution for 1-bit images5 + 1CPU★★★
IS6bfast GPU solution for 1-bit images5 + 1GPU★★
SO4merge sort5 + 1CPU★+
SO5quicksort5 + 1CPU★+
SO6fast GPU solution5 + 1GPU★★★


Late submissions and resubmissions are fine! For example, you can improve your solution to CP3a still during the last week of the course, and it is eligible for the extra points from the contest!

Only fully correct solutions count: you must have a successful submission and no negative score adjustment. You can resubmit just for the sake of the contest if needed.

CPU implementations cannot resort to any use of GPU, while GPU implementations have to do the computationally intensive part on GPU. For example, doing some lightweight preprocessing and postprocessing on CPU is fine, but computing half of the solution on GPU and half on CPU is not permitted.