Programming Parallel Computers 2020


Recommended path

You are free to solve any of the tasks in any order, as long as you meet the deadlines. However, recommended path for completing the course is as follows:

week 1CP1CPU baseline5CPU
MF1CPU baseline5CPU
week 2CP2ainstruction-level parallelism3CPU
CP2bmulticore parallelism3CPU
MF2multicore parallelism3CPU
week 3CP3afast solution with doubles5 + 1CPU
CP3bfast solution with floats5 + 1CPU
week 4CP4GPU baseline5GPU
IS4fast CPU solution5 + 1CPU
SO4merge sort5 + 1CPU
week 5CP5fast GPU solution10 + 1GPU
SO5quicksort5 + 1CPU
week 6IS6afast CPU solution for 1-bit images5 + 1CPU
IS6bfast GPU solution for 1-bit images5 + 1GPU
SO6fast GPU solution5 + 1GPU