Programming Parallel Computers 2020


Code templates

In your Git repository, you will find code templates, Makefiles, testers, and benchmarks that will serve as a starting point for your solution. Please see the workflow pages for more details.

There are also some utilities in the subdirectory common that you are encouraged to use in your solution.

Vector types

The file common/vector.h contains the definitions of the most commonly used vector types (e.g. float8_t and double4_t), some convenient constants (e.g. float8_0 is an all-zeros vector of type float8_t), and memory allocations routines.

For example, to allocate properly aligned memory for n vectors of type float8_t, use:

float8_t* p = float8_alloc(n);

To include this header file, you can simply use the following directive; the Makefiles should define all search paths properly:

#include "vector.h"