Programming Parallel Computers 2020


Communication channels

Our primary communication channel is Slack — if you have any questions, please try to ask our course staff there! If you have difficulties joining Slack or for some other reason it does not work for you, please email Jukka Suomela.


To create an account in our Slack chat, please follow this link. Just enter your email address, and follow the instructions.

Preferably, please use the same user name on both GitHub and Slack, and please also make sure your real name (first name + last name) is set correctly in Slack. However, if you wish to remain anonymous on Slack, it is also possible — you can simply pick a random nickname and leave your real name unspecified. However, please note that in those cases it is more difficult for our course staff to provide help with your exercises.

In Slack, we will have separate channels for each exercise; please use the channels #cp, #is, #mf, #nn, and #so to discuss the exercises CP, IS, MF, NN, and SO. On these channels, we will try to focus on those problems that are currently on the recommended path; for more advanced topics, please use channel #advanced. If you have anything to ask about the prerequisite test, please use channel #prereq.

Channel #general can be used for any kind of general discussions and questions related to the course. All important official announcements will be posted on #important. Any kind of feedback is welcome on channel #feedback. We have also got a channel #tools for those who need help with using non-standard tools to solve our exercises (e.g. your own computer). Channel #queue is used as a queue for getting help during exercise sessions.

Our lecturers and teaching assistants have user names of the form “something-staff” on Slack.

One-to-one help

If you need one-to-one help, please take part in the exercise sessions and ask there.