Programming Parallel Computers 2020


Exercise sessions

There are two exercise sessions each week; please see the course schedule for more details on the meeting times. In the exercise sessions, you can get one-to-one help with your exercises.

You can get help in the following forms:

We will use channel #queue in Slack to coordinate everything. We announce there when the exercise session starts. Then you will write a help request there, describing in sufficient detail exactly what is the problem with which you would need help (see below).

Once a TA is free and your question is the first request in the queue, a TA will mark it with a check mark reaction. Then the TA will contact you and help with your problem. Finally, once the problem is solved, the TA who helped you will delete your request from the queue.

Getting help with Slack

Please do not send direct messages to TAs without going through the above protocol. If you have follow-up questions later, please put a new request to the queue.

Getting help with Zoom

What to write in the help request?

Your help request should contain a concise summary of exactly what kind of help you would need. Ideally, after reading the help request and looking at your current solution in your GitHub repository, a TA should be able to already have an answer for you.

Try to describe what is the problem, what you have tried, what you already know, and exactly what is the relevant part of the code. Please highlight the important parts. Here are some fictional examples of good help requests:

Slack: I need help with improving the performance of my solution for task XX3. The current running time is 6.1 seconds. I have already done …, and then I tried …, but it actually made the performance slightly worse (6.2 seconds). I tried to use perf and it shows I am using 7.9 threads. The preprocessing part takes only 0.1 seconds, and the interesting performance-critical part is on lines 111–123 of file xx/ in my Git repo.

Zoom: I tried to use the technique … that I found … in my YY4 solution, but I got the following compiler error on Maari computers: … See line 456 of yy/ in my Git repo, the part that gives compilation errors is currently commented out. Zoom meeting link: