Programming Parallel Computers 2020

Workflow for solving exercises

Your personal Git repository

Each student will have a personal Git repository on GitHub. The repository is created by the course staff for you. It is a private repository; only you and the course staff can access it.

The repository is created by the course staff in a few days after you have completed the prerequisite test. You should receive an invitation by email to join the course organization from GitHub. Accept the invitation. Go to and verify that you see the repository solutions-your-account listed on the page (with “your-account” of course replaced by your user name).

Cloning your repository

If everything looks fine, you can clone the repository as usual, either using https:

$ git clone

Or using ssh:

$ git clone

With ssh you can use key pair authentication, so you do not need to enter your password every time.

Now you can switch to directory solutions-your-account and start to solve exercises. In your personal repository, there is one subdirectory per task. For example, everything related to task MF1 is in subdirectory mf1. You will put your code there, and you will also receive feedback there.

New to Git?

If you have never used Git before, you will probably want to read the Git tutorial first.